Can I Take Alli Even If I Have Hbp?


Asked by PhatChick

Can I Take Alli Even If I Have Hbp?

I take medication for my HBP, right now I'm overweight and I was thinking about starting a Diet and Exercise routine and incorporate Alli for added benefit. Since I read that Alli works with the enzymes in your digestive system I was wondering can I take it even though I have HBP?


Hi PhatChick, (I like your user name!)

I've have looked into Alli and according to the manufacturer and studies Alli is safe to take with high blood pressure; however, I recommend being cautious. If I was in your position I would start with the diet and exercise routine. If you make a serious committment, make the necessary changes, and after several weeks are not seeing results, then I'd consult your physician about adding Alli.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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