Can I Take Aloe Vera Capsules While Pregnant


Asked by kcamy

Can I Take Aloe Vera Capsules While Pregnant

Hi my wife has been using aloe vera pills for about a year and has had great results. She was diagnosed with gastroparesis and none of the medications worked for the treatment. They were going to send her the Mayo clinic to have a pace maker sown into her stomach lining. But a natural doctor recommended she try aloe vera and it has worked like magic. We have been so relieved.

Now, here is our problem. My wife and I would like to have a second child. We have been told by some that she can't take the aloe vera while pregnant because it will cause miscarriage and possible other problems. She has already tried to stop taking it but the gastroparesis symptoms come back almost immediately. Please can you give me any information you have regarding the use of aloe vera while being pregnant.

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The American Pregnancy Association does not recommend that aloe vera be taken orally during pregnancy. There is documentation that aloes are emmenagogues -; agents that promote menstruation. As such, they would tend to cause uterine contractions and could result in a miscarriage.

I also read that aloe is thought to contribute to abnormalities of the fetus if taken orally during the first 40 days of the pregnancy, but I haven't been able to find any documentation for that yet. I would recommend consulting with an obstetrician before trying to conceive to see what options might be available. It would be good if you could find an OB that specializes in high-risk pregnancies, as they have more experience dealing with unusual and difficult circumstances.

Good luck to you. I hope you're able to work something out to enable you to have your second child.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards