Alternaria Tenuis Allergy


Asked by chickee1286

Alternaria Tenuis Allergy

I recently found out that i am allergic to alternaria tenuis. I can not find what causes this mold/fungus. where is it located?


It was difficult to find much reliable information on this mold, but from what I did find, it appears that it is an outdoor mold, which is responsible for leaf rot on plants, among other things. I'm wondering if it might also be found on the leaves and in the soil of potted plants indoors.

Alternaria tenuis appears to be one of the most common molds, even if there isn't much factual information easily available.

I suggest you discuss this finding in more detail with the allergist who tested you for it. Surely he or she can provide more information than anyone here.

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Answered by Kathi MacNaughton