Alternative MS Treatments:The Buzz About Bees

Editor's Note: This article was originally written by community member My Odd Sock.

Apitherapy.   Bee stings.   Bee Venom therapy.   Call it what you want.   Some even call it "crazy"

Truth is, many patients with multiple sclerosis have tried bee stings to gain control of their illness.   I, for one, have been getting stung since 2002.

This Odd Sock doesn't use apitherapy to "cure" my disease (unfortunately there are no cures), I sting to treat my side effects of MS, namely spasticity and restoring feeling and movement in my feet, hands and joints.

Oh sure I have had doctors say I am wasting my time.   While my current doc at the Cleveland Clinic says I seem to be using Bee Venom therapy with the correct perspective.   So, once or twice a week, I commence to sitting down and receiving between 20 and 40 stings.   "Does it hurt?" you ask.   Maybe a little bit.   But having slight feeling from my armpits to my toenails, I cherish the "zing" of each sting, knowing my body isn't completely dead!

Then, for the next 12 to 24 hours, the areas I have stung will swell slightly and are warm to the touch - courtesy of the increased "healing" blood flow to the region.   Bottom line: my muscles are looser and I can move easier as my hands and feet have been awakened from their cloudy slumber!

Could apitherapy help your MS?   I can't answer that.   Neither can your doctor.   Only YOU will be able to tell if it works or not.

For more insight on this treatment, you can find a wealth of information about apitherapy on the internet.   Maryland's Pat Wagner "The Bee Lady" and Ohio's Floyd Alexander are also two respected experts in the field who can help guide you down the road of wellness.

Have you tried apitherapy for your MS?   If so, how was your experience?   I would love to hear your thoughts or questions in a comment!

Remember, bee sting therapy is an alternative treatment and not for everyone.   Your results may vary.   (Yeah, I sound like a drug commercial!)

Good or bad...Scoffed or praised...Apitherapy has been used in the fight against MS and other illnesses for many years.   My only purpose in this writing was to share some personal insight into the buzz about bees.