Alzheimer's Cases to Double by 2060


About 6 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s. As the U.S. population ages, these numbers are expected to skyrocket to more than 15 million by 2060.

These numbers differ from earlier estimates because researchers have developed a new method to calculate rates of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment and attempted to account for people who have certain biomarkers for pre-clinical Alzheimer’s, before symptoms develop. People with pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease do not yet exhibit clear signs of cognitive impairment, but are at higher risk for developing dementia. This new method of calculating Alzheimer’s rates also estimates the impact of future prevention efforts.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted by scientists at the National Institute on Aging’s Division of Neuroscience. The results were published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Sourced from: Alzheimer’s & Dementia