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Amberlee's Psoriatic Arthritis Journey With Biologics

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    Actually able to walk stairs in Switzerland, but paid for it later with severe knee swelling. My first issues with knee joints. I did it though! and it was fantastic.
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    My first selfie with clear facial skin and scalp!
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    One more visit to the foot doctor because of chronic infections from nail pitting and psoriasis flares under the nails.
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    Hand swelling after four months of no biologics, one week after re-starting Humira. My doctor told me I could no longer get acrylic nails because of pitting and chronic infection.
    Julie Cerrone Croner

    Julie Cerrone Croner


    Julie Cerrone Croner is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Patient Empowerer, Yoga Instructor, Autoimmune Warrior and the Award Winning Blogger behind It's Just A Bad Day, NOT A Bad Life. When she’s not empowering chronically fabulous patients to live their best lives, she can be found jamming out to Celine Dion, cooking, geeking out over health-related things or enjoying life in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and daughter.