Do Anabolic Steroids Have An Effect On Ssri


Asked by pacificcastle

Do Anabolic Steroids Have An Effect On Ssri


We aren't medical experts here, we're mostly people living with depression who have had a lot of experience with medications and others issues. A question like yours will relate a lot to your specific condition, the dosage of steroids you're taking, medical history, other drugs in your system - in other words, your doctor can best answer this. I know that a lot of people taking steroids don't discuss them with their physicians but that's not very wise.

About combining these two types of drugs - I don't know of any research about an interaction between them. Anabolic steroids, though, have been known to cause mood disorders and can have a lot of effects on neuron processes in the brain. SSRIs affect the level of serotonin in the body, and that neurotransmitter plays a role in the gastrointestinal system as well as the vascular system. It's easy to imagine steroids and SSRI's interfering with each other or perhaps combining to worsen a problem.

Studies of steroid adverse effects that I've seen links most serious side effects to taking excessive amounts. Problems don't seem to arise from taking therapeutic doses to deal with specific medical conditions. The danger is taking high doses on your own for body building without medical supervision. Really bad in any case but especially when you're on prescription drugs and your doctor doesn't know about the steroids.


Answered by John Folk-Williams