Anatomy of a Migraine: Migraine Phases and Symptoms - Updated

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Truly, one of the best things we can all do for ourselves is learn as much about migraines as possible. One reason it's especially important is that there are so many possible symptoms that can occur during a migraine attack. Some symptoms are well know, others are seldom discussed and far less well known.

In addition to being familiar with the possible symptoms of a migraine attack, being familiar with the four potential phases of a migraine in which symptoms may occur during those phases can be immensely helpful. The four phases are the:

  1. prodrome,
  2. aura,
  3. headache, and
  4. postdrome.

The prodrome and aura phases are especially helpful to recognize when they occur because it's been shown that abortive medications work best when taken early in a migraine attack. It's also helpful to realize a migraine is starting so we can be as prepared as possible in other ways.

To assist all of us, including myself, in remembering the possible symptoms that can occur in the four phases, I've updated our article, _Anatomy of a Migraine _. This is one article that I have printed and keep handy because during a migraine, I simply can't concentrate and remember things as well, and it's helpful to have it for reference. It's also a good article to share with family and friends. My husband sometimes recognizes the early symptoms of my migraine attacks before I do, and that can be quite helpful.

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