Can Antibiotics Improve Chronic Headaches Or Migraines?


Asked by Solta

Can Antibiotics Improve Chronic Headaches Or Migraines?

I have noticed more headaches this year. They get MUCH better after a round of antibiotics. I was thinking they are recurring sinus infections but I am now wondering if antibiotics could be improving my headaches for other reasons. The pattern is that my headaches get really bad every few months with a lot of cheek and forhead pain. Migraine meds don't touch these headaches. After 2-3 days of antibiotic they are much much better. Dawned on me today there might be a link other than sinus infection. Any thoughts?


Hi, Solta,

Antibiotics will help only if there is infection present. If you have a sinus infection, you could have sinus headaches. If there's any infection present, it can make you more susceptible to your Migraine triggers. Also, some infections other than sinus infections can cause headaches.

Other than that, no, antibiotics do nothing to treat Migraines or headaches.


Answered by Teri Robert