Are There Any Antidepressant Patches?


Asked by janni518

Are There Any Antidepressant Patches?

I've had gastric bypass so many medications don't work on me because either

a)they aren't in my system long enough or

b) extended release medications build up to dangerous high levels

I think I may go back on antidepressants again, are there any that can be delivered through a patch and has anyone had any experience with them. Thank for your help.


I'm using Emsam which is a 24-hour patch (transdermal) method of putting selegiline directly into the bloodstream. Selegiline is an MAOI, a form of antidepressant that usually carries food restrictions. The problem is that the effects of the drug can interact with certain foods to create an excess of tiramine in the gastric system. This excess can trigger severe hypertension - a dangerous condition. Using a patch circumvents the gastric system to get the medication directly into the bloodstream, and this method reduces the danger of tiramine-related problems. At the lowest dose of the patch, you do not need to observe the food restrictions. At the next two higher levels, however, you do - and I'm using the highest dose. If you use this medication at a higher dose, you should follow the drug company's advice on which foods are a problem - there really aren't that many. You may run into much more detailed lists, but those aren't based on scientific evidence. To my knowledge, there has never been a reported case of tiramine-triggered hypertension due to Emsam.

I should add that the MAOI's generally are said to be the most effective antidepressants for recurrent and chronic forms of depression. Unfortunately, they're seen as a last resort because of the food restrictions. Emsam is the only antidepressant that has worked for me in a sustained way for over 4 years now.


Answered by John Folk-Williams