Antimotion Sickness Medication

Health Writer

Antimotion sickness medication to treat ADHD is based on the belief that there is a connection between the inner ear and ADHD symptoms. According to proponents of this theory, ADHD symptoms may be a result of deficiencies in coordination and balance. Antimotion sickness medication can help to improve coordination and balance when these are caused by disturbances in the inner ear.

However, The American Academy of Pediatrics lists anti-motion sickness medication as an unproven method of treatment and further states that there is a lack of scientific studies to back up claims of inner ear problems causing symptoms of ADHD or that antimotion sickness medication has any positive impact on ADHD symptoms.

Dr. Sam Goldstein and Dr. Barbara Ingersoll, in their article entitled "Controversial Treatments for ADHD", state, "This theory is not consistent with what is currently known about ADHD. There is no body of research that supports a link between the inner ear system and attentional processes. Anatomically and physiologically there is no reason to believe that the inner ear system is involved in attention and impulse control in other than marginal ways."


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