Do Antipsychotics Damage Your Liver, Pancreas And/or Kidneys?


Asked by Donna-1

Do Antipsychotics Damage Your Liver, Pancreas And/or Kidneys?

I read a book that said you can have multiple organ failure from taking antipsychotics. It didn't specify which medications or really give any studies or statistics for reference, so I think the author's statements may be suspect.


You take this risk to your organs certainly so need to have your primary care doctor monitor things. I get bloodwork taken every three months.

I'm not sure the level of damage or likelihood of damage to organs like the liver and kidneys when a person is on these drugs. However I can specifically mention Seroquel as a drug that can cause kidney and liver damage so routine monitoring while a person is on this drug is recommended.

It can happen with the other drugs yet I feel in my own life this wouldn't cause me to stop taking the medication or mess around with it because the atypical I'm on has been like a miracle drug that gave me a life worth living.

Yes, there is this risk.



Answered by Christina Bruni