Anxiety and Seinfeld: Are you a Jerry, George, Elaine, or Kramer?

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Although the much applauded sitcom, Seinfeld, ended over ten years ago in 1998, most people still remember their favorite lines and scenes from this show. The popularity of Seinfeld, in my opinion,was due to the overblown neuroticism and personality quirks of the four main characters. Any therapist would have a field day analyzing the psyche of Jerry, George, Elaine or Kramer. Anxiety, angst, and stress played a starring role in each and every episode.

Despite the humor induced exaggeration, we could all find ourselves commiserating with George as he worries about leaving inappropriate messages on an ex-girlfriend's answering machine or thinking he had a heart attack when it is really tonsillitis. Who can forget their collective angst as they can't find their car in a parking garage or have to wait for a table at a Chinese restaurant when everyone else is being seated. For a situation comedy which was said to be about "nothing" the characters on Seinfeld presented our inner demons of insecurity, egocentrism, and anxiety in a way that we could laugh at ourselves. In this post I invite you to choose the Seinfeld character which best represents your anxiety.

(This post is for entertainment purposes only.)

You may be a Jerry if you".

  • Find silly reasons to break-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend for things such as their penchant for eating peas one at a time or for having an annoying laugh, due to your commitment phobia.

  • Become paranoid and enraged at the site of your postman and start chasing him around your apartment building.

  • Have a great fear of your toothbrush falling into the toilet.

  • Argue with a cop for ordering breakfast in a restaurant and not helping you to your car because you are paranoid about someone following you. "A muffin can be quite filling."

You may be a George if you"

  • Down Pepto-Bismol and Alka Seltzer because you are ruminating about telling a date that you can't come up for coffee because it keeps you up at night.

  • Feel anxious about cleaning out your wallet, keeping everything including Irish money and a coupon for a "Save the Tiger" poster. You become especially stressed out when your wallet explodes as you attempt to put one more piece of paper in there and all your receipts fly out into the street.

You may be an Elaine if you"

  • Have a public meltdown when your co-workers offer you a "Get Well" cake yelling, "We are all unhappy, do we have to be fat too?"

  • Fret and worry over not being able to bring a chocolate babka to your dinner party hosts.

  • Look up the symptoms of rabies, believe that you have it, and begin foaming at the mouth.

  • Have a panic attack on a stuck subway and think that rats may be crawling up your leg.

You may be a Kramer if you"

  • Get upset over "subpar" fruit and demand money back from the fruit store seller and end up getting banned from the store.   You get anxious over the thought of having no fruit.

So which Seinfeld character can you most relate to? Which of their neuroses, phobias, or sources of anxiety are most like your own?

If any of you have any more great Seinfeld moments to share please do so in our comment section. We are eager to hear from you

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