Can Anxiety Cause Low Blood Sugars?


Asked by Jillz66

Can Anxiety Cause Low Blood Sugars?

I have been an out of control diabetic for 22 yrs. I now suffer from enlarged heart, hypo and hyper blood sugars,high bp, cholesterol, anxiety,depression,morbid obesity. I sometimes have very low blood sugars durring or after a stressful time. can this be connected?



Hello! Everything you listed above will cause your blood sugar to go up and down. Anxiety can cause high blood glucose levels and low glucose levels depending on the person. You should always carry glucose tablets or something to help your bg's go back up once you experience a hypoglycemic episode. Do you have a strong support system for your anxiety attacks or someone to talk to in general? We have an anxiety community here. If you click here it will take you to a great community and an online support system.

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