Can Anxiety Cause Sores On Your Head And Scalp?


Asked by Pokie

Can Anxiety Cause Sores On Your Head And Scalp?

I saw a dermatologist for sores on my scalp. He sent me to pyschiatrist because he said it was caused by anxiety. The psychiatrist hasn't helped. I have suffered for 12 years. The sores cause severe pain when the bumps break out in my scalp. I have had many different blood tests, which have come back negative for any illness. The doctors continue to tell me this is caused by anxiety but no matter what I do, it doesn't go away.


Anxiety causes a number of physical and chemical changes in your body, which means that anxiety can cause physical symptoms. Some of the most common physical symptoms include: dry mouth, sweaty palms, the feeling of a lump in your throat, heart palpitations, trembling and chest pain. There are also people that break out in hives when they are feeling stressed or anxious. Psoriasis and other skin conditions have been shown to worsen during times of stress. It is possible, therefore, for anxiety to cause or worsen skin conditions.

The best way to treat the sores would be to treat the anxiety. I don't believe that you just need to deal with it. There are effective treatments for anxiety, such as medications and cognitive behavioral therapy. If you are not happy with your current psychiatrist, I would suggest talking to your family doctor about other psychiatrists in your area that specialize in treating anxiety. You might also want to ask about therapists who work with cognitive behavioral therapy and specialize in anxiety disorders.

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