Any connection in migraine leading to seizure, talking nonsense?

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My question is that is there any connection in migraine leading to seizure or talking non-sense? This week I was suffering from a light headache in the middle of my forehead and then I came back home from my workplace driving myself. Later I lied down and then I started talking nonsense and later suffered a seizure after 5 hours of the start of my headache. I severely bit my tongue and sprained my left shoulder. The episode lasted for some five minutes only and I don't remember anything. I slept profusely after that and woke up in early next morning to know what happened. My job demands intense study. I had the last seizure five years ago for which I took pills for three years. I was exposed to considerable cold weather in last three days. Can it be a factor? I have headaches very frequently mostly in mornings when I wake up but this was the first which led to a seizure. I am also not able to differentiate between migraine and other headaches. Sometimes migraine pill doesn't work while a simple Nimuslide tablet along with vapours work wonders. Please advise me and do away with my fears. Rajat.

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Dear Rajat;

It's rare, but a Migraine aura can sometimes cause a seizure. As for talking nonsense, there's a very common Migraine symptom, aphasia, which can account for not being able to read, speak, or otherwise understand language. You can find more on aphasia in:

It's important to be able to differentiate between Migraines and headaches because the treatment is very different, and a headache can also be a symptom of many other things, including some seizure disorders. One of the primary differences between the headache of a Migraine attack and other headaches is that activity worsens the headache of a Migraine, but usually not others.

While we would love to advise you and do away with your fears, we really must advise you to discuss your questions with your own doctor. It's impossible for us or anyone else to tell you more without reviewing your medical history and your family medical history with you, discussing your symptoms with you, and examining you in person.

Thanks for your question,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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