Has Anyone Had Complaints About Simple Fill Prescription Program. It Sounds Too Good To Be True.


Asked by Arjay

Has Anyone Had Complaints About Simple Fill Prescription Program. It Sounds Too Good To Be True.


I don't have any personal experience with this particular program, but it sounds much like other patient assistance programs I am familiar with such as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARx) and NeedyMeds.org.

If you don't have insurance that covers prescriptions and you meet their income requirements, it is a pretty simple program. Most pharmaceutical manufacturers offer patient assistance programs to help people who don't have insurance nor a big income, but need the expensive brand name medications they make. Once a drug becomes available as a generic, however, it is usually no longer offered through a patient assistance program.

What organizations like PPARx, NeedyMeds and I'm guessing SimpleFill do is match patients with the appropriate patient assistance programs. They usually also provide you with the application you need to fill out for whichever drug company makes the medication you need. Often you have to attach a copy of your most recent tax return to the application to prove you meet their income requirements.

Once you've filled out your portion of the application, you take it to your doctor who will fill out his/her portion and give you a prescription for the medication. You mail the application, tax return and prescription in. If you're approved, they will ship your medication to you free for one year -; usually three months worth at a time. (You do have to call in the refill requests.) If you continue to need the medication after a year, you have to reapply and repeat the process.

Here is an article that gives additional information on a number of differences services available for people who don't have insurance: Finding Help When You Don't Have Insurance

I hope that helps.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards