My Doctors Don't Believe Fibromyalgia is a real Disease. Can you Help?


Asked by arinleahsmom2

Has Anyone Else With Fibromyalgia Had Problems Getting Treatment From Kaiser Permanente?

I cannot tell you how horrible it has been trying to get treatment for my Fibromyalgia at Kaiser. Most of their doctors don't believe it is a real disease. They will not certify FMLA for Fibromyalgia which puts me at risk of losing my job when I have to miss work for the severe pain and other problems related to Fibromyalgia. I feel like I am stuck in a place where I cannot get adequate treatment for my disease. Their chronic pain clinic doctors do not believe it is a real disease either so getting treatment through them is impossible. Do I have any rights to possibly sue them for discrimination? I feel like that is what I am dealing with when I seek treatment with them. Any advice out there?


I don't go to Kaiser but I'm not surprised that they're in the stone age regarding fibromyalgia. With so many studies finding abnormalities not to mention 3 FDA approved drugs (!) it's just amazing and unfortunate how many physicians have their heads stuck in the sand.

There is (not surprisingly) a page on how to file a complaint against Kaiser if you feel that's the right step.

If you're not trying stress reduction techniques on your own they can be helpful :) Good luck

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