Can Anyone Tell Me Why Pain Medicines Dont Work On Me?


Asked by JustinaL

Can Anyone Tell Me Why Pain Medicines Dont Work On Me?

Hi. My name is Justina and when I am in pain, I am out of luck. Very few pain medicines actually take effect on me. If I get a migraine (and I do) the only way to avoid the eye stabbing agony is to "catch" it quick with excedrine, no other medicine works on my migraines. Now, I am having severe pain in my ear, neck, shoulder and down my arm. A frustrating visit to my doctor's office (my doctor who knows pain meds dont work, is on maternity leave) had the doctor recommending ibuprofin. I calmly explained that I dont have any ibuprofin as it simply doesn't work on pain and she suggested that I buy some or try accupuncture. She then wrote a prescrpiption for 600 mg of ibuprofin and 10 mg of flexeril. None of them wor ked (I knew they weren't going to.) In a bizarre but related twist to this, I have awakened in the middle of two operations. Yes, it does happen, I am told it is quite rare but it happens. Is there anything at all that I can do, besides tell my doctor that medicines don't work to get relief? I am crying and rocking in pain. I cannot turn my head, I cannot look down, my neck is on fire and nothing works.


Wow! I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are experiencing. I don't know why pain meds don't work on you. I am not a doctor, or any type of healthcare professional. All I know is that you need some help, and you need it now. Would your doctor send you to a pain specialist, or can you make an appointment yourself with a pain specialist? They should understand what is going on and be able to offer you some options that might help. Again, I am so sorry to hear you are in this much pain. I can feel it when I read your words. Please try to get in to see a pain specialist. A person can only take so much suffering. Please let us know how it goes. Peace, V

Answered by Vanessa Collins