Has Anyone Used The Fentanyl Patch For Migraine Pain? How Does It Work For You?


Asked by JKM

Has Anyone Used The Fentanyl Patch For Migraine Pain? How Does It Work For You?



I have no personal experience with the fentanyl patch, but wanted to give you some information why it's very seldom prescribed for Migraine. Here are some points about this medication (from the prescribing information of brand name Duragesic patches) that make most doctors feel that ti's inappropriate for Migraine treatment:

DURAGESIC® is indicated for management of persistent, moderate to severe

chronic pain that:

  • requires continuous, around-the-clock opioid administration for an extended
  • period of time, and
  • cannot be managed by other means such as non-steroidal analgesics, opioid
  • combination products, or immediate-release opioids.

DURAGESIC® should ONLY be used in patients who are already receiving opioid

therapy, who have demonstrated opioid tolerance, and who require a total daily

dose at least equivalent to DURAGESIC® 25 mcg/h

Because serious or life-threatening hypoventilation could occur, DURAGESIC® (fentanyl transdermal system) is contraindicated:

  • in patients who are not opioid-tolerant
  • in the management of acute pain or in patients who require opioid
  • analgesia for a short period of time
  • in the management of post-operative pain, including use after out-patient
  • or day surgeries, (e.g., tonsillectomies)
  • in the management of mild pain
  • in the management of intermittent pain (e.g., use on an as needed basis[prn])

Please know that I'm not saying fentany patches are inappropriate for everyone. If your doctor has prescribed them, that's a decision for you and your doctor. Just wanted to give you some information that explains why most doctors won't prescribe this medication for Migraine.


Answered by Teri Robert