Has Anyone Used A Tens Unit For Migraines?


Asked by cmshort

Has Anyone Used A Tens Unit For Migraines?

Has anyone used a TENS UNIT for migraines? I was reading about how a new device was approved by the FDA for migraine treatment using this technology. I tried to do some research and came across a guide to tens units but wanted to see if anyone had any input on using a tens near the neck or head?


Hello, cmshort,

The device you read about is the Cefaly device. You can find more information about it in Cefaly Ddvice Approved by the FDA for Migraine Treatment. Although classified as TENS, it is vastly different from the traditional TENS units in the placement of the electrode, the specific nerve targeted, and the stimulation produced.

It's extraordinarily important to know that the Cefaly is the only TENS device that is safe for use on the head, face, and mid to upper neck because traditional TENS is potentially harmful when used in those areas.

My Migraine and headache specialist showed me the placement for the electrodes to use a traditional TENS unit for tension-type headaches. The placement is specific spots on the shoulders and lower neck. He carefully impressed upon me the importance of never using it any higher on the neck or anywhere on the face or head.

I hope this answers your question,


Answered by Teri Robert