Can Appendicitis Trigger Migrains?


Asked by mitchie

Can Appendicitis Trigger Migrains?

I have had a Migraine for the last 23 days. Nothing has helped break the Migraine. I was hospitalized with Appendicites, had my Appendix removed and have had no Migraines since then. Can Appendicitis trigger a Migraine attack??


Hi, Mitchie,

Appendicitis wouldn't directly trigger a Migraine, BUT illnesses and injuries can stress our bodies in ways that make us more susceptible to our triggers. They can also mean that we encounter triggers we don't usually encounter - maybe poor quality sleep or something else that doesn't normally happen to you.

Am I understanding correctly that you had a Migraine for 23 days before surgery, then it was gone after surgery? If so, there's a good possible explanation for why it ended when it did. Good, deep sleep is a natural Migraine abortive. The anesthesia for the surgery may well have gotten you into a deep, relaxing sleep during which the Migraine stopped.


Answered by Teri Robert