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If you are about the same as every other person on our good planet then you   have been on a diet at one time or another. It might have been to drop a few pounds to get that Summer look back before committing to the beach, or it might have been a resolution to begin the New Year. Perhaps it was for some occasion such as a wedding or a vacation.

Did you diet because your doctor recommended it to lower your blood pressure or your cholesterol level? Did you diet because loved ones were concerned about your health or your appearance? There are any number of reasons why a person decides to change eating habits and try to take off a few pounds or even quite a few pounds. There also is a general attitude about dieting. Most people don't like it.

They normally begin with an elevated level of determination, a this-time-it's-gonna-happen approach that may very well carry any single person across the finish line and to the goal. Some can do that while others cannot. For the most part, I am a "cannot" type of person. That is not say that I am a failure at losing weight, but it is to say that I have failed at losing weight many times prior to my current success. My "you-go-girl" beginnings usually dissolved into an I'm-so-hungry spiral all too rapidly. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Filling Foods That Help With Weight Loss

I have no suggestions about how to eliminate feeling hungry altogether, but I do have a few about how to manage your hunger. Here are a few thoughts about what foods you can eat that will help you to feel full. The first on the list is water.


Water is a good appetite suppressant, and an 8-ounce glass when you begin feeling hungry will normally address the problem. If you want something that is flavored, organic vegetable broth will fill that bill. Avoid those broths that contain excitotoxins because they are harmful to nerve cells. Look for some of these ingredients on the food label: MSG, autolyzed extract, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, and other leafy veggies are an excellent choice. In fact, they have so few calories that you may eat copious amounts of vegetables for a relatively small amount of calories. Herbs and spices and a pat of grass-fed butter or cold-pressed olive oil and lemon will enhance the flavor for a few additional healthy fat calories.

Protein Shakes

A scoop of flavored whey protein powder and some almond milk mixed together with ice in a blender makes a great shake. Added thickeners like gluten-free guar gum powder and xanthan gum powder will give your shake a thick, pudding-like texture that will taste great and has almost no carbs or sugars.


Pickles should not be purchased in a general grocery store whereas they will contain artificial food coloring. Natural fermented pickles should be the choice, and a complete jar may have only 50 calories altogether. Check the label before you make a purchase to ensure they do not have food coloring or sugar.

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