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Home to the Alice Neff Grant, the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization supported by weight loss surgery patients, Bariatric Surgeons, hospitals, corporations, and all those who make up patient support networks.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation is the product of the weight loss community, formed by patients who have had weight loss surgery and those who support them.

The goal of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation is to help people in the weight loss community address their special needs.   Funds and resources have been given away in the form of surgery grants to people who have been denied access to the bariatric surgery that is needed to successfully address obesity.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation is also dedicated to educating the public about obesity and weight loss surgery.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a public charity with the mission of ending obesity by empowering people through weight loss surgery.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation funds both full and partial grants for bariatric surgery.

Full Grants

A full grant for one patient only can be referred every three years by any Center of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon. The surgeon who has referred the accepted patient must contribute the surgical fees along with one year of follow-up care. The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation will then fund hospital fees, lab tests, anesthesiologist fee, and a complication insurance policy. In addition, the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation will also provide one years supply of bariatric vitamins and supplements.

Partial Grants

Patients can be referred for a partial grant by any bariatric surgeon who has referred at least one person for a full grant every three years. Partial grants are examined on a case by case basis. The funding amount can be from $100 to $4000 dollars and is allotted depending on availability and the order in which the referrals were received.

How to Apply for a Grant

In order to be considered for a grant, the applicant must be at least eighteen years old. The grant application must be accompanied by a letter of referral from the patient's surgeon, completed application forms and financial questionnaire, verification of insurance denials and appeals if the patient is insured, verification of loan denials from three separate sources, verification of denial of public assistance, and contact information for two character reference from persons other than family members.

Applicants must agree to raise 10% of the funds required for the grant. The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation will assist with the fundraising effort. The applicant must also be willing appear on television and radio as an ambassador for the Weight loss Surgery Foundation.

Finally, the applicant must agree to attend a support group that has been recommended by her bariatric surgeon for a period of one year.

Final decisions about applicants are based on financial hardships and patient efforts. A typewritten essay of up to five pages detailing the applicant's life story will be considered by the selection committee to help determine the person who is most deserving of a grant. The number of grants that are rewarded is based on availability.

Grant applications are being accepted from June 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

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