Apps for Self-Monitoring Anxiety

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

Self-monitoring of anxiety can give you much needed information on your anxiety levels, symptoms and triggers. You can keep track of whether anxiety is more prevalent at certain times of the day, when you are in stressful situations or if there are people and places that trigger anxious feelings. Monitoring helps you become aware of symptoms and might even help you recognize signs of an impending panic attack, allowing you to take steps to alleviate it before it begins.

Self-monitoring is an important part of treatment for anxiety, but it also requires commitment and time. It might be difficult to track your anxiety if you are in a work meeting or in a place where pulling out a notebook just isn’t practical. Luckily, there are a number of apps that can help you keep track of your anxiety and have specific information to share with your doctor.


Free app for iOS and Android

This app lets you track your mood throughout the day, gives you a place to set daily goals (such as relaxation exercises), tracks your health habits (such as caffeine intake, sleep and exercise schedules), provides suggestions for relaxation techniques, and record your thoughts to help you identify negative thought patterns.

Worry Watch

$1.99 - Available for iOS only

This app is a journaling tool, giving you the opportunity to keep track of each time you worry or feel anxious or fearful. You can also track the outcomes of each situation so you can see if your fears were unfounded. You can use the app to track and chart your “worrying trends” to see if strategies are working to lessen your anxiety over time.


Free app for IOS and Android

This apphelps you monitor your thoughts and behaviors and better understand your anxiety. It offers self-help exercises and provides you with better insight and awareness of your anxiety. It is best used by older teens and adults. You can share your experiences with others in the SAM community anonymously.


$4.99 - Available on iOS only

This app provides tools for tracking your mood and anxiety levels on a daily basis. It includes a journal to record your thoughts, a Thought Checker to identify negative thought patterns, and activities for you to engage in to help improve your mood.

T2 Mood Tracker

Free for iOS and Android

This app was originally designed for service members but is available to anyone. It allows users to record and review their mood and behavior changes. It offers a wide range of emotions to track, and you can view the results over a period of time in chart of spreadsheet.

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