Help for High School and College Students with ADHD

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

For students with ADHD, organization is usually a big hurdle standing in the way of succeeding in school. "If you could just get organized, you could accomplish so much." You might have heard this over and over during your school years, with parents and teachers constantly reminding you that you are disorganized. Or, maybe you have vowed that this year you will be organized. You won't lose the notes you took in class or forget about an important test or due date. You aren't alone. Organization, or the lack of it, is a major problem for many people with ADHD. The following apps might help you stay on track and keep focused on what is important. They can help you stay organized.

iStudiez for Apple, iHomework for Apple, inClass for Apple, myHomework Student Planner for Android

These apps helps students stay on track during the day, keeping track of their course schedule. The apps let you put in class details, such as location, instructor, assignments and grades and set reminders for upcoming tests or deadlines. Check out each app to see the features and decide which one is best for you.

Simple Mind - iPad, iPhone and Android

Organize and plan term papers and special reports. Put down your ideas and then arrange them in a logical order to help you map out what you want to do.


This one is for college students and enables them to read textbooks on their smart devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. App allows you to make notes, highlight text and search topics within a textbook.


Available for Apple and Android devices, Evernote lets you type notes, capture links, use photos and voice to collect all your information in one place. You can search later to find what you want within seconds. Time Magazine called it "A godsend for the organizationally challenged."


Access files from any device that has Dropbox installed. That means you can save a file on your laptop and access it on your phone. Drop box allows you to put any type file into your storage and keep it with you wherever you go. The app is free with limited space but you can purchase more storage space for an annual fee.


An iCloud storage for your documents. You can also use to type in notes from class or scan important information. You can review your notes and study where ever you might be.

RSS Readers

Do you have a hard time reading cluttered web pages? This app cleans up the clutter and makes the page much more readable. You can read it right away or save it for later reading.

Cozi Family Organizer

If there are things going on in your life that other family members need to know about, enter it in the Cozi Family Organizer and it appears on everyone's calendar. No more "You didn't tell me about"" Works great for doctor appointments, orthodontist appointments, athletic events or field trips.


Available for Apple devices. An app to help you manage your time. It lets you break tasks down to the time you need, for example, 30 minutes to finish your math homework and then counts down the time. Allows you to customize task lists and enter a many tasks as you need.

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