Apps to Help You Manage Your Psoriasis

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We are living in an exciting time of technological change. We now have a wide variety of mobile tools to connect and search for information in ways we have only just begun to explore. Health related apps for mobile devices are being developed everyday to help patients better manage their medical conditions whether it is to track one's mood or to keep track of the symptoms of a chronic skin disorder. In this post we are going to focus on apps for psoriasis patients as there seem to be more apps currently available for this skin condition than any other.

But before I share my list, I want to say that an app is not a replacement for seeing your doctor. Apps can provide information and a way to track and manage your medical condition. They can also be a way to share information about your psoriasis symptoms or the efficacy of your treatment with your doctor. I personally cannot vouch for the quality or usefulness of any app I will review here. Always do your research about any apps you may choose to download.

This app was designed for dermatologists in mind but I do feel that the information could also be useful for any patient who wants to research their skin condition and possible treatments. This app is described as a powerful on-the-desk reference to dermatological conditions. This app will allow you to search their extensive database of research articles on everything from the treatment of acne scars to laser tattoo removal. It also provides the latest research on psoriasis treatments and medications. Best of all this app is free.

If you have any type of chronic skin condition which needs monitoring, this particular app may be useful. Basically you enter daily data describing life elements which may have an impact upon the condition of your skin such as your mood, medications you are taking, how much sleep you got the previous night, and any other condition you wish to record such as what you eat, drink or take in supplements. I think such an app might be useful for someone suffering from acne, chronic eczema, or psoriasis. Taking such daily data can help you to identify potential triggers and also judge the effectiveness of any treatment regimen.

This app was developed by Jansenn Pharmaceutica and it can be used by either health care providers or psoriasis patients. They provide an interactive Psoriasis Area and Severity Index calculator as well as an impact questionnaire. The information gleaned could be useful to share with one's doctor. This app is free.

This is another free app created by a pharmaceutical company, Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. This app allows you to mark areas of your body affected by psoriasis on a body illustration as well as to track progress of your treatment program. You can also set reminders for your doctor's appointments. This app is designed to share information with your doctor.

This app, developed by Leo Pharma is also free. It offers some basic information about psoriasis as well as possible treatments. This app provides a psoriasis diary where you can keep track of appointments, treatments, and store photos of your psoriasis. It will also keep track of your treatment history and will let you know when it is time to use your medication.

Using apps to track and manage health conditions is an emerging technology. It is my personal belief that health related apps are going to explode in the near future. You may want to try using one of the symptom trackers or health diary apps just to see if you like it. It is just another way to gather information about your health condition so that you can make more use of your time when you do see your doctor.

Do you use any apps for any of your medical conditions including psoriasis? If so let us know how that is working for you. We are eager to hear your thoughts and opinions.