Architectural Distortion


Asked by beema

Architectural Distortion

Mammo reads: Focal architectural distortion within central aspect of breast. No suspicious microcalcifications are seen. Scattered fibroglandular densities. B
I-RADS 0 I am worried


Beema, a BI-RADS score of zero usually means that the doctors want to take another look before drawing conclusions. It's good that they didn't see any "suspicious microcalcifications" and the fibroglandular findings are nothing to worry about. The doctor may want to investigate the architectural distortion more, or may just want to compare these filmes to new ones in the future. An architectural distortion just means that the pattern of milk ducts and breast tissue is not evenly distributed. If this is your first mammogram, it could just be your normal. Scar tissue from previous breast surgery could be the problem. There is also the possibility that this could be an early sign of a cancer. Most likely the cause is not cancer, so try not to worry. Do ask your doctor more questions about what this all means for you. If three different women had this same report, a doctor might handle this three different ways depending on her age, medical history, and the extent of the distortion. I wish you the best as you continue to work with your doctor on this.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson