Are Millennials Making You Sick?


Millennials, typically considered people born from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, are more likely than older adults to go out in public when they’re sick, suggests a survey from CityMD – a group of urgent care walk-in clinics. Especially during flu season, that can mean spreading illness.

to the survey, which was conducted in August and involved more than 1,800 Americans, about 75 percent of responders between 18 and 34 reported they left the house – to go to the grocery story, a friend’s house, or a restaurant – the last time they had the flu or flu-like symptoms. Among people 35 and older, 56 percent reported going out the last time they were sick. More than half of people who responded to the survey also indicated they don’t use hand sanitizer, even when they’re coughing and sneezing.

Research has shown that younger people avoid taking sick days at a higher rate than other generations, and in 2016, more than half of millennials surveyed said they didn’t plan to get a flu shot. While most healthy people recover from the flu without complications, it can be serious, and even deadly, in the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions.

Sourced from: Newsweek