Are "50 Shades" readers more likely to have abusive relationships?

A new study published in Journal of Women's Health suggests that young women who have read Fifty Shades of Grey are more likely to engage in risky behaviors that could lead to abusive relationships. Fifty Shades of Grey is an international best-selling novel involving an intense S&M relationship.

The Ohio State University researchers analyzed 655 women ages 18 to 24, of which 122 read the Fifty Shades trilogy, 97 read only the first book, and 436 had not read any of the books. The results suggest women who read the first book had a 25 percent increased chance of being in a verbally abusive relationship, 34 percent increased risk of having a partner who is likely to stalk them, and 75 percent more likely to have used diet pills or not eat for 24 hours. Women who read all three books were 65 percent more likely to binge drink and 63 percent more likely to have multiple sexual partners compared to women who did not read the books.

However, researchers did not determine if these behaviors were occurring prior to reading the books. One researcher did note that reading about the relationships in the book could reaffirm behaviors that are risk factors of unhealthy relationships.

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Sourced from:, Women who read Fifty Shades 'more likely to have unhealthy behaviors'