My Areola (For About Two Months) Has Been Leaking A Fluid


Asked by ejdevonjada

My Areola (For About Two Months) Has Been Leaking A Fluid

My areola (for about two months) has been leaking a fluid; the fluid drys on my bra causing it to stick and when I change then it bleeds because the clothes peels the skin. I have tried gauze to protect the leaking from the clothing but that is not helping and it's beginning to get slightly painful. Should I be seriously concerned?


Most of the time nipple discharge isn't dangerous, especially when it is on both sides. When it is on just one side or happens without squeezing like yours, a doctor's attention is needed. There might be an infection, a growth like a papilloma in a milk duct, or a hormonal problem. In some cases discharge can signal breast cancer, so it is important that you see the doctor to rule out cancer. Until the doctor can see you, you might try an ointment on the gauze you are using to keep it from sticking to your skin. It is too soon to panic about this being cancer, but not too soon to be proactive in getting some answers. We aren't doctors here, so we can't guess what this will turn out to be. I hope that you get good news when you see the doctor. We will be interested in knowing what you find out.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson