Arm Back Leg And Sometimes Chest Pain


Asked by sTac21

Arm Back Leg And Sometimes Chest Pain

I've been getting really severe pains my legs, back, and arm. It started about 3 months ago and I've been to the doctor and they haven't found anhything. It comes on for a while then goes again. I can get to the point where I'm almost paralyzed by the pain--I can't move my hand, toes, or arms. Sometimes they go into my chest, too. They started when I was in high school and they're getting worse now. Can anyone help?


We can't diagnose, of course, but can provide suggestions for you to look at.

Fibromyalgia is one option; chest pain is not uncommon and widespread pain, that is, pain in several areas of the body is a key signature of it. Fibromyalgia appears to be mostly caused by increased pain sensitization in the central nervous system. Several drugs, which are effective in some cases by not others, have been approved by the FDA for it.

Some other signs of FM are difficulty sleeping, increased sensitivity to stimuli such as light, odors and problems with high stimuli settings such as malls, and difficulty concentrating. Many people with FM also experience something called allodynia - which occurs when light touches to the skin are experienced as being painful.

Health Central has a really good FM site that you might want to check out and see if it fits. If it does start looking for a doctor experienced in FM; they're not that easy to find but they can be very helpful.