As Cell Phone Use Goes Up, Good Health Goes Down

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The common wisdom is that text messaging, e-mails, and video games are among the culprits that drive our sedentary society. We sit while we text one another, we sit while we send e-mails, and we sit while we play video games. We stand for a moment to stretch the tightness out of our legs from all that sitting, and then we sit some more.

Many of those who sit and research the effects of all this sitting believe that text messaging, e-mailing, and playing video games are as responsible as television for the downgrade in our general health and the expansion of our waistlines. If you doubt this, then pull up a chair this evening and look it up on the Internet.

If your research has confirmed the contentions about text messaging, e-mails, and video games, then you might also like to know that cell phones  can do all of those.

Cell Phone Trouble and How to Get Into It
Researchers began to take interest in the connection between cell phone use and general fitness because the portability of cell phones allows their use even if someone is engaging in low to moderate physical activity.

What was discovered is that cell phone mobility contributes to sedentary behavior in many users.

A survey of 305 mid-western college students was used to collect information about their fitness levels and body compositions. Of those 305 participants, 49 had their fitness levels and body compositions tested. The results showed that those students who spent large amounts of time per day on their cell phones were less fit than those students who averaged a bit more than 90 minutes of use per day. Those students who qualified as frequent users spent as much as 14 hours per day on the phone.

Those participants who spent large periods of time on the phone were also more likely to use their leisure time for playing video games or watching movies, and were less likely to exercise to begin with. They also reported that if they were being active and the cell phone chimed, they would be drawn back to their phones.

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Doctors at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary have noticed that many of their patients who use smartphones complain of eye soreness, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, and muscle strain. They also point out that people usually blink 15 times per minute, but that when using a smartphone that rate drops by half and causes a drying of the eyes. Staring at cell phone screens for extended periods also causes  

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While there is a great deal of controversy regarding a connection between cell phone use and cancer, there is limited evidence that cellphone radiation is carcinogenic.

The evidence is enough that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphones as a possible carcinogenic.

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