Aspirin Reduces Inflammation, Improves Fertility

Could low-dose aspirin therapy help couples who are having difficulty conceiving? New research suggests it could.

In women, chronic, low-grade inflammation can cause infertility and increase miscarriage risk. According to a new study, low-dose aspirin therapy—one 81 milligram aspirin daily—increases fertility and reduces miscarriage risk in women with inflammation indicated by higher-than-normal blood levels of C-reactive protein (CRP).

The study involved 1,228 healthy women between the ages of 18 and 40 who were trying to conceive but had previously lost one or two pregnancies. The women were divided into three groups, based on their CRP levels—low, mid-, and high. Some study participants received low-dose aspirin and others received a placebo. Women with high CRP levels benefited significantly from aspirin therapy—a 35 percent increase in live births, compared with the placebo control group.

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Sourced from: MNT