Asthma Bronchitis And Chocolate?


Asked by mom with asthma

Asthma Bronchitis And Chocolate?

I have asthma. It isn't very well controlled right now because of Intal being taken off the market, but that is another post. I recently had an asthma attack and developed bronchitis. I have basically been stuck at home because of pollen counts and coughing spells for two weeks. I have begun to notice if I eat anything with chocolate in it, I have a fresh spasm of coughing for hours. My older sister, who doesn't have asthma, evidently had bronchitis years ago and is now "allergic" to chocolate also and won't eat it at all. I was wondering if it was a family thing, or if there is some reason there seems to be a tie between chocolate and bronchitis? Is there any hope of getting to have some chocolate again?


To add to what Kathy said, I saw a doctor's list recently of foods to avoid if you have Acid Reflux, and chocolate was on that list, along with pop and beer. I thought it was interesting anyway. I can't imagine many chocolate lovers can resist the temptation.

Answered by John Bottrell