Attention All Women Explore Yourself Sexually

by David Wygant Patient Expert

There is a conversation that comes up time and time again with my women clients that I think is really interesting. So many women tell me how they want to explore themselves sexually, but then tell me all the reasons why they don't do it or why they feel they shouldn't do it.

A lot of women are so afraid to explore themselves sexually. They think to themselves things like "God, What I am going to do if I explore myself sexually then the man I end up with wonders where all this sexual experience comes from or how many guys there have been before him?"

Here's an open letter to every single woman out there: Go ahead and explore yourself sexuallyI love being with women who know who they are sexually. I love women who know how to please a man. I love women who are in touch with themselves, and know how to please themselves.

So many women don't know who they are sexually. So many women don't know how to please a man. So many women are not in touch with themselves, and don't know how to please themselves.

So many women are afraid to explore themselves sexually in these ways because they believe if they do they will not be "marriage material" for somebody. The truth is, though, that those days have long passed.

If you're an independent, free-thinking, sexual woman, then you need to go out and explore your sexuality in every way. You need to do that because by exploring your sexuality, you are really going to start opening up and will blossom like a little flower.

Start learning what things you like. Take time out of your life to learn how to sexually express yourself. Learn how to please a man.

Think about all of your lovers, and use them as a drawing board. Figure out what the men liked and figure out what you like. When it comes down to it, the reason why so many relationships don't work out is that the sex becomes dry and boring " and you know if there's a limit to what you can teach each other.

So learn all of the great tricks, and bring them into your new relationships. I guarantee you will never get bored.

David Wygant
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