Axillary Swelling And Hard Lump In Underarm?


Asked by Turleymom

Axillary Swelling And Hard Lump In Underarm?

I was referred to a surgeon in 2010 for swelling in the axillary region, I has a soft mass and he called it a lipoma. Swelling has not hanged since 2010 however the lump is very hard 2 cm and almost ridge like. My primary has referred me for a mammogram and to see surgeon again. Should I be worrying? Is swelling like this common for over two years with the mass going from soft to hard? I am a 33 yr old female with no prior cancer history. Any insight would be much appreciated.


Hi - You should be concerned enough to follow through with the mammogram and an appointment with a surgeon, if necessary; though the typical course of a breast cacer tumor wouldn't be to start as a lipoma and turn into a hard lump, the lump may not be related to the lipoma; the two might be coincidental. In which case, you're dealing with an underarm lump that's lasted longer than a month; and all breast changes lasting longer than a month should be examined and diganosed by a doctor.

Most breast lumps, especially at your age, aren't cancer; they're more likely to be a fibroadenoma (benign lump) as a result of fibrocystic change. Still, as I said, you need to follow through with the diagnostic process, just to make absolutely sure. Good luck with your mammogram - I hope you get good results. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel