Is Baby Food Acceptable?


Asked by Joseph

Is Baby Food Acceptable?

My mom's swallowing difficulties have made eating very difficult for her. The assisted living facility says that they cannot machine process foods for residents due to their license constraints. A hospice caseworker said that she has seen families resort to the use of baby food as an alternative to machine processed foods, claiming that seasonings will often make them appetizing. Does microwaved baby food have sufficient nutrients to sustain an elderly person? Does this sound like a viable solution to the lack of a food processor? Mom does okay with hot soup, mashed potatoes and gravy, as well as hot or cold beverages.


You should check with a nutritionist about nutrients, but certainly baby food, seasoned to taste, would be better than not eating. Supplementing with a liquid vitamim/mineral product would be an option. It's hard to get food into elders who have trouble swallowing, so medical advice is necessary. However, this is one method you could work in with your other options, I would think.


Answered by Carol Bradley Bursack