My Baby Gulps Her Milk When Eating


Asked by Angie

My Baby Gulps Her Milk When Eating

Should I be worried about that? She's only a month and a half old, but she gulps it like shes starving, which isn't the case because it was only two hours from her last feeding.


Hello Angie,

Babies often make noise when they are drinking. Gulping, coughing and burping may interrupt the steady flow of milk. Loud gulping makes me think the milk is coming out fast. For bottle feeding, the nipple may be large or the baby may not have a tight seal around the nipple. For breastfeeding, there may be a strong letdown or a large supply of milk. The baby may gulp as she attempts to keep up with the rush of milk.

Gulping may lead to trapped air so she might need extra burps. If you are nursing, you might need to express a bit of milk so the flow will slow down. For bottle feeding, try another nipple. If she is not having frequent, painful burps or other problems, you can continue with whatever feeding method you are using.

Hope that answers your question. Let me know.

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