Had Baby Year Ago- Dizzy, Nausea, Headaches, Stomach/back Pain


Asked by Leanna

Had Baby Year Ago- Dizzy, Nausea, Headaches, Stomach/back Pain

I am a 21 year old female. I had my first child in April 2010. I was perfectly healthy before I got pregnant, and now ever since a month after having my son I have been having major health problems. I have been to several doctors but cannot seem to find one that actually cares about helping their patients.

My symptoms are extreme dizziness, nausea, headaches, and sometimes I have stomach cramps and back pain and sometimes constipation/diarrhea. I have been to an ENT and a neurologist and got an MRI of my head and there was nothing abnormal there. I also had an ultrasound of my stomach and that was normal too. I've had a bunch of bloodwork done too; it was also all normal!

I just had a scan to measure gallbladder function and it shows my gallbladder is only functioning at 18%. I actually got excited and thought after a year of suffering that the doctors had finally found something that was abnormal. I thought I would get it out and I'd feel like myself again. Well..I went to the surgeon they referred me to and told him my symptoms and gave him my test results from the scan. He told me that it doesn't necessarily have to come out and a number of things could have caused the abnormal scan including narcotics use. I told him I was taking valium for the extreme dizziness I was having and asked if that could've had an effect on the test and he said it was possible (but I had NOT taken any valium the day of the scan). He said he would call the doctor who referred me and see what he says (which I have only seen that doctor once and he told me I was probably just depressed and this was all in my head but he would order some tests anyway).

I've gotten the "You probably have post partum depression" line so many times! Just because the symptoms started after I had a baby does NOT mean I'm depressed! I'm not sad..I'm not depressed. I love my son. I love going out and doing things with my family. I don't cry for no reason. I'm not depressed! I'm scared to have my gallbladder out and then have that not be why I'm having these symptoms? I don't have stones but maybe a nonfunctioning gallbladder? I don't have stabbing pain under my right rib or anything, I don't have unbearable pain in my stomach. It's just the constant dizziness every single day..and the nausea that's killing me! Why am I so dizzy? I want to get better so bad and these doctors aren't helping me at all. This is affecting my life so much. Anyone have similar symptoms?


Its soo upsetting to hear these stories of perfectly sane people (particularly women) being treated as if they were crazy. As someone with chronic fatigue syndrome I've heard them many times.

Have you ever been tested for something called orthostatic intolerance (OI)? OI refers to problems standing without dizziness, nausea, fatigue, pain etc. Its been recognized for maybe 15 years but many doctors still don't know much about it.

Its fairly common in people with chronic fatigue syndrome which can be triggered by many things, including in some cases pregnancy.

Here is a home test for OI: http://aboutmecfs.org.violet.arvixe.com/Trt/TrtOIBellTest.aspx

Here is a list of resources: http://aboutmecfs.org.violet.arvixe.com/Trt/TrtOIResources.aspx

If think you might have chronic fatigue syndrome you might want to check out the Phoenix Rising Forums http://forums.phoenixrising.me/

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