Baby boomers living longer, but not healthier

No question that baby boomers are living longer than past generations, but research suggests they’re considerably less healthy than their parents were. Despite access to much better medical care, many baby boomers experience significant health problems, including elevated rates of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.

When surveyed about their own health, only 13 percent of baby boomers said that they were in excellent health, as compared to 32 percent of those from the previous generation.

The new research from the West Virginia University School of Medicine found that 7 percent of baby boomers used a cane or walking device to help with walking, as compared to only 3 percent of the previous generation; 13 percent of baby boomers reported difficulty with daily tasks versus 8.8 percent from the previous generation.  Only 35 percent of the previous generation suffered from high blood pressure, while 75 percent of baby boomers do.  Obesity rates, additionally, are up 11 percent over previous generations.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Baby Boomers: Live Longer, But Not Healthier