Can low back pain Cause leg pain?


Asked by hurting42

Can Back Pain Cause Leg Pain? I Have Low Back Pain, And Lately My Legs Have Been Aching.

I've got back pain, but lately my legs have been aching too. Can back pain cause leg pain too?


Hi hurting42,

Back pain is notorious for causing leg pain, yes. As a community member already explained, nerves run between the two areas. Another thing that happens is that people who suffer from back pain often have to change their walking gait and the way that they sit, stand, and lie down in order to manage their pain. This means that other parts of the body change the way they move too, which can create pain in previously pain-free places. It's always worth getting your doctor's opinion on anything that impacts your life this much, but while you're waiting to speak to them you may find relief in stretching or yoga for chronic pain. Good luck!

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