Back Pain Under Shoulder Blade


Asked by JACK

Back Pain Under Shoulder Blade

I had my legs taken out from under me trying to turn a double play in a softball game 11 days ago. I landed on my back and finished the game. It was sore.The next day a little more sore. Then a little less sore each day there after. Today I sneezed and thought someone stuck a knife in my back. I am now in more pain than the day it happened or the day after. The pain is a few inches under my shoulder blade on the heart side. It is a sharp pain like a pulled muscle would feel if you pulled on it. This is not a constant pain. It occurs when I am sitting down, standing up or twisting at certain directions. Also if I cough. I am praying I don't sneeze again. I've always been a very quick healer and I'm not real big on spending all my free time and money going to doctors and ER's unnecessarily. Does anyone have an idea as to what this can be? I'm guessing its a deep bone bruise of some type.


It really sounds like a muscle strain - which can be very painful. Sneezing is actually a rather severe movement which could precipitate a muscle spasm, perhaps in the muscles around your ribs that help move your lungs. Most muscle strains do take care of themselves within a couple of weeks. Hopefully it's gone away by now. Ice or heat and anti-inflammatories can help with muscle strains.

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