Is Back Pain While Walking A Symptom Of Ms?


Asked by sam

Is Back Pain While Walking A Symptom Of Ms?

When I walk too long, my lower back hurts a lot. If I walk or stand too long, I have a lot of pain in my lower back. If I lay down for 10 minutes or so, my back feels better, but the pain does not go away. When I walk, I look like a drunk. I frequently have to walk with a grocery cart in the store or use a walker. But in the morning, I can walk longer without pain.

Is this a symptom of MS?


In addition to the information shared below, I will share my experience with back pain and MS.

For quite a while, I experienced lower back pain when I had been on my feet, ie. walking any distance or even standing at the sink to clean dishes. Sometimes resting would help the back muscles to loosen and relax, other times stretching helped.

It wasn't until after I started taking medication for spasticity in my legs that I realized my back pain was connected to the spasticity in my legs. For me, the muscles on the back of my legs (calves and hamstrings) would become so tight that I had difficulty even straightening my legs or bending my ankles.

After I started to use Baclofen, I found that my lower back didn't hurt nearly as much. As my muscles began to relax, I was able to stretch more effectively to lengthen the muscles. I highly recommend routine stretching, of the legs and hips.  Spasticity is not the only cause of lower back pain, but it was for me; and the spasticity was caused by having MS.

Please talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Be prepared with detailed notes that describe your current concerns.

Answered by Lisa Emrich