Why does my Right foot Hurt After back Surgery?


Asked by Racheal

After Back Surgery My Right Foot Burns It Hurts Worse Then My Back Did

I had lower back surgery for a torn disc. The surgery site took 19 staples to close. About a week after the surgery my right foot began to seriously hurt. It feels like my foot has been severely burnt--it hurts if water touches it, or a bed sheet. I go back soon for a six-week checkup, but it has been agonizing. Has anyone heard of this?


Nerves can become irritated after surgery. That causes burning pain and sensitivity in the distribution of the particular nerve (in this case L5, between the big toe and second toe). Swelling, debris, or stretch can be the cause of such irritation. Since six weeks have passed since the surgery, electrodiagnostic testing can be helpful to determine if there is nerve damage.

Sometimes, complications lead to a second surgery. Acute, severe nerve damage would be a reason for utilizing this last option. If the nerve is functioning normally, then the nerve symptoms can improve with medications like anti-inflammatories, anti-convulsants, and anti-depressants.

Keep in close contact with your surgeon anytime you experience complications after surgery. In the meantime, this article may help:

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