Bad Beds Happen

Health Professional

"Over the hill and through the woods to grandmother's house we go..." The problem is that grandma has beds that were made in the 1960's: lumpy, bumpy, and hard as a rock. A bad bed can put such a damper on holiday festivities. Waking up in pain throughout the night, flare-ups of painful conditions, and the lack of sleep can turn anyone into a cranky scrooge. Instead of avoiding the family fun just because of a bad bed, try these three alternative ways to rest in peace.

  • Bring your own bed: Bringing a bed to grandma's house is not a matter of strapping your own bed to the car like a scene from a Chevy Chase movie. The travel friendly airbeds can be very comfortable (compared to a bad bed) and pack in a backpack easily. The air feature allows you to adjust for firmness, to a certain extent. An airbed can even be placed on a regular mattress if you have trouble getting on the floor. Just remember that air beds feel cold if you do not insulate yourself from the cold air in the bed with a blanket between you and the bed. Bringing you own bed might the perfect alternative to being stuck on a bad bed. You can even bring it along just in case.
  • Bring a mattress topper: If you do not like an airbed, you could try a foam mattress topper. Get the twin size for ease of travel. Placing a thick layer of foam on top of a bad bed can magically transform the 1960's chunk of rock into a heavenly cloud. Additionally, you can even use it on your own bed when you get back home. All the comforts of home cannot travel, but a foam mattress topper certainly can. You can even buy one to keep at grandma's house because Costco is probably just around the corner from her house.
  • Find a hotel with a better mattress: Sometimes, you just don't want to stay at grandma's house. How do you find a hotel with a better mattress? You can always call a motel/hotel and ask what brand of mattress they have and how new the mattresses are. Or you can use Tempur-Pedic's hotel locator to find the nearest place that has the famous Tempur-Pedic mattress. If you have not tried this foam mattress, it is well worth a try. Staying at a hotel with the TempurPedic products is a great way to try them before buying them.

Traveling over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother's house is great, but a bad bed can ruin the experience. Bad beds do happen. Alternative strategies to bad beds can help you get through the holidays well rested. And don't forget the importance of the right pillow for a good night's sleep. Goodnight cat and goodnight shoe. Goodnight hat and goodnight you.