What is Causing the bad Burning in my ears and Headaches?


Asked by liz

I Get Bad Burning In My Ears, And Headaches Regularly. What Is Causing This?

it happens every once in awhile, i will feel fine then my ears will start burning and recently i have been light headed a lot. i do not know what is causing this. i have assumed it might be high blood pressure as i have never had this before till this yr. please tell me what is going on!



Thanks for your question.

Though headache could be a symptom of high blood pressure, burning ears is not a typical complaint of patients with elevated pressure. This could be due allergies or another problem.

With your headaches and recent lightheaded feelings, it is time to see your doctor and have these symptoms evaluated. Certainly, you need to have your pressure checked to be sure this is not the cause. So make an appointment in the near future and get to the bottom of things soon.

Feel better.

Martin Cane, M.D.

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