How Bad Does Asthma Have To Be To Take Off Of Work?


Asked by jenny

How Bad Does Asthma Have To Be To Take Off Of Work?

My company has a sick day policy that you can only stay home when we are contagious... My asthma is really bad latley I can't stop coughing and it hurts to breath. I really feel like I need to stay home and rest but I don't know if my asthma is bad enough or even quallifies for a sick day. How do you know when you can take a sick day because of asthma, if ever.


Hi Jenny... My first thought is that if your asthma is causing symptoms like you describe, then it is NOT under control and that needs to be evaluated by you and your medical team. Could be that you need a change in medication or some kind of tweaking of your regimen. It could also be that you are experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms that are aggravating your asthma. This is ragweed season, so staying indoors in air conditioning, especially on hot, dry, windy days is recommended.

I understand that your employer wants to minimize frivolous absenteeism of its employees. However, they are not qualified to make medical decisions, particularly for someone like you, who has a chronic medical condition. Your doctor should be able to provide you with a note as to why you might miss work, but again, your doctor should also be able to help you start feeling better pretty quickly. Asthma IS controllable!

Hope you are feeling better,


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton