I Have A Bad Pain In My Inner Upper Rt Thigh


Asked by maryannfromla

I Have A Bad Pain In My Inner Upper Rt Thigh

it started about 3 months ago i thought it would go away. it has only gotten more aggravating and worse. it hurts to squat or walk. when i sleep it wakes me up and i cant bend it from the pelvis i can bend it backwards but not front wards. it seems like it may be a pinched nerve. my daughter came down with leukemia and we have had to drive a lot. two time a week, 8 hrs round trip to memphis. when i first felt it was when i got out of the car. could this be from the way i sit when i ride. i lean to the left with my rt leg sideways. if so what can i do? nothing seems to help the pain. i cant even put on my socks and shoes it the morning without help. and its really hard to sit on the toilet in the a.m. please help



If you've had this pain for three months, you really need to see a doctor. Something like that can't be diagnosed online -; a doctor needs to be able to examine you to determine what the problem is.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards