Why Do I Have Pain in My Upper Left Thigh While Standing?


Asked by Paul

I Have A Bad Pain In Upper Left Thigh Only. I'm Ok When Sitting Or Lying Down.

I have a very bad pain in my upper left thigh only. I'm ok when sitting or lying down, but hurts very bad when I stand and/or walk. DVT was ruled out today after an ultra sound. I Did not injure it at any time and do not have any swelling or marks. I thought my next step should be an xray of my bone. Any advice? Doctor only wants to give me ibuprofen and pain-killers, but I'm not comfortable with that. Something is going on in there that happened all of a sudden.


Your pain could be caused by a few different options. Thigh pain with weightbearing could be caused by hip arthritis. A x-ray and physical exam should be able to rule this possibility in or out. Anterior thigh pain with standing or walking is frequently caused by a condition called Meralgia Paresthetica. This fancy word means that the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve could be irritated usually at the inguinal ligament. The nerve can become stretched or pinched at this point (the crease in your groin). Another possibility is lumbar stenosis causing nerve pain into the proximal leg (the thigh) which is roughly the level of L2 or L3. Nerve tests of the leg could be very helpful.

These are the likely suspects. A physician who understands the nerve, muscle and bone system should be able to take a closer look and find the offender. Sometimes primary care providers just can't and don't know all the answers. It is what they don't know that can be scary, especially when they don't refer to someone who might know. Look for a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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